Tunnels of Melbourne underground
Royal Melbourne Hospital for Melbourne Open House, July 2014
The sea bounty
Great Ocean Road, July 2014
No land between hear and the Antarctic
Great Ocean Road, July 2014
An unknown beach
Great Ocean Road, July 2014
An unknown beach
Great Ocean Road, July 2014

Rat city

Geodesic dome near Plounéour-Ménez, Brittany, France.
Contributed by Olivier Duval.
Studio/room for rent in Melbourne

There’s a space opening up at our warehouse next month.

Our dear prick and head of bad trumpets, Marcus, will be leaving us for greener pastures and better dealers in Fitzroy.

Where: Williamstown-ish (you will need a car or a bike to get to the stuff you do)

When: Mid-August

What: Can be used as an art studio or work space, or just a really big room. Everyone else lives on-site but people have used it as a day-space in the past. Whatever takes your fancy.

Cost: $500 per month, excl. electricity and water.

Neighbours: There are currently seven of us. Another room is being snapped up at the moment, so soon-to-be-nine dwellers, who partake in activities such as wood working, welding, gardening, brass and blues, sewing, music production, jewelery making, photography, and fiber craft (Jas and I). Actual Neighbours are construction sites and scrap metal reclaimers, so the place gets loud around 8am, but for the people who call this place home, the pros far outweigh the cons. Craft nights, music jams and mega-meals are common.

That’s Marcus, representing his squalor.

The room comes bare but for the walls.

That rug is painted on though, so you can keep it.

There is also a wood-workshop, cinema, jam-bus and sweet garden:

If you are interested, PM me for details. If you know someone who is interested, share!

(Source: 109pm)

New books in the mail today
Sweet Napo enjoying some sweet grains

Algae affected Fungi in Mt Field National Park Tasmania Australia